Our Big-Picture God: Melanie Pickett

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.21.42 AM There have been so many times in my life that I’ve wondered why God allowed something to happen a certain way, a way that seemed like the exact opposite of how it should be. Or I would face a disappointment and couldn’t understand why God didn’t work things out differently so I could be happy in that situation instead.

“The Lord looks down from heaven and he observes every human being.”~ Psalm 33:13

Years ago when I was in college, I had a job that I loved. I was an assistant to the owner of a company and it was an impressive job for a 19-year-old college kid. My boss was supportive of me continuing in school so he accommodated me so I could leave a little early when I needed to in order to attend classes in the evening. I had a nice paycheck, a pension, health insurance, and weekends and holidays off. At that age (or any age!) I couldn’t have asked for a better deal. Just before my senior year, the dream job came to a sudden halt when the company abruptly sold out to a new owner from another region and the company-and the job-ceased to exist. I was a kid of about 22 and reeling. I had a car payment, grown-up bills, tuition, and I was quite without a job. The lapse in employment was short and I found a new venture when I was hired at our local hospital. Little did I know at the time, but what I learned there and the opportunities it provided would set me up for the next two decades. Working at the medical center gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to eventually work from home as a medical language specialist for the next 19 years and afforded me the sweet blessing of being at home with my children. I was able to be home when they weren’t feeling well, rearrange my schedule so I could attend their field trips, games, and other activities, and be available for them at all times. It was a blessing many mothers only dream of.

When a circumstance doesn’t quite make sense to us, God is at work. He sees the big picture. Where I could only see the “now” of losing my past job and was floundering, wondering why God would move me from such a “perfect” job, He was laying the ground work for me to able to gain valuable skills so I could provide financially for my family and fulfill my dream of being a stay-at-home mom. God loves us so much. He is always looking out for us, not just in this minute, but in every minute.

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are for good and not evil, for a future and a hope.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11


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