Today is your day to walk with NO SHAME.

Jen Wagenmaker Redemption has a look to it.   When it arrives into our lives, it brings healing, hope, freedom and purpose.

There are things that we carry with us in life that God wants to take away from us.  The burden of shame, guilt, or suffering are heavy to carry.  For some reason, so many of us choose to hold onto them because we think that we are supposed to.  We think that the burden from the mistakes and brokenness of our past are the punishment that we now are marked with from God.  It is natural to believe that.  There must be a consequence for our sin, right?

There was.

It took place on Mount Calvary over 2,000 years ago.  It ended with death.  Death to our sin, shame, suffering and consequence.   Jesus Christ Himself willing took the place that was intended for each and every one of our mistakes and when He did, REDEMPTION was birthed for you and I.

Once you understand this precious act and gift that was sacrificed for you, it changes you and salvation becomes your reality.  You are saved from being separated from God for eternity.

That alone is unfathomable but it gets better.  You have the opportunity to bring your hurts, shame, guilt, brokenness, and mistakes to the cross for a fresh start.  As you bring them to the feet of Jesus, He reminds you of the redemptive plan that He had while hanging on the cross – Just for you.

Here is the key though…  You must leave them with Him.  You can’t carry them with you any longer if you want to walk in the freedom that redemption has to offer you.

How could you walk up to the scene of the cross and choose to take your burden back with you when you leave?  How could you ever allow His suffering to be in vain?

He knows your every mistake.  He knows your every thought.  He knows how many hairs are on your head today.  He created you.

Don’t let anything hold you back from receiving the gift that redemption has to offer you.  You were bought and paid for by the King of Kings.  Let redemption look like something for you today.




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